As loved ones get older, it is important to keep them safe and cared for while also keeping peace of mind. Not everyone has the time in their busy life to care for loved ones at home, yet assisted living communities can offer that necessary peace and care. Searching for the perfect senior living community for loved ones does not have to pose a challenge. While there are many factors to keep in mind while searching for the perfect place, the top priorities to keep in mind are a safe and comfortable environment for seniors to thrive and receive the best possible care.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Senior Living Community

There are many important factors that play a role in choosing the perfect assisted living community to house and care for loved ones. Ensuring that family members are receiving the highest quality care is very doable with assisted living In Tomball, TX.

To begin the process of selecting the perfect assisted living community for those you love, establish exactly what it is you are looking for. Determine the loved one’s level of independence as well as their health condition and amount of support that they will require to live comfortably. Knowing these things will help narrow down the options and begin budgeting. 

Next, create a budget based on how much can realistically be spent on care each month. Do not forget to take into account any current homeowner expenses as those can give you an example of what all will need to be covered in the budget. There are a multitude of financial resources such as long-term care insurance plans and financial aid for veterans and their surviving spouses that can help you reach your ideal budget. Do not neglect the many resources that can help you ensure the comfort, care, and safety of your loved one.

After determining exactly what is needed and how much can be spent, begin determining the desired location. Take into consideration whether the senior needs to be near medical facilities or if their current neighborhood is sentimental. Perhaps adult children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren live away, so relocating is necessary for optimal care and visitation.

Next, it is best to form a list of desired services and amenities. This list should be created as non-negotiable to ensure that the senior receives all of the necessary care and must-haves to live comfortably and happily. For example, many communities accept pets, provide wellness programs, have specialized programs for memory care, and perform activities. Some communities also offer fitness and physical therapy programs, guest housing or suites for visitors, and might even contain internal branches of banks.

Finding More Information

Don’t forget that senior living communities often describe their services and amenities online, so do research. Research care plans and general information to ensure that you locate the perfect community for your loved one. 

Researching online also gives you the ability to read reviews. Check common care websites and read the reviews of the places you are interested in. More often than not, family members will leave detailed reviews to let others know exactly how the community is treating their loved one and whether or not they feel at home. 

Searching social media pages is another way to gather information about a potential senior living community. On social media posts, you will find comments and further reviews of the intended location as well as photos to learn more about the lifestyle. These photos can offer insight into what activities and programs go on, the residents of the community, and potentially the quality of dining available. 

Asking around can help you secure information as well. There are many that have already gone through this process, and they can offer helpful advice and information. Consider conversing with friends, other family members, coworkers, family physicians, or even church members.

After finding out all of the basic information, creating lists of desires, and establishing a budget, it is time to narrow the list down to potential communities. Then, begin making preliminary contact by reaching out to the communities with any questions, desires, or budget concerns. This will help to narrow the list down further and decide which communities are important to visit in person and tour. 

Finally, it is time to schedule a visit. In-person visits play a major role in the process of making an informed decision and landing on the perfect community. Pay close attention to how the staff interacts with the residents, and determine the overall mood of the community. Observe the residents, and determine if they are actively engaged, sitting quietly, or completely out of sight. Take note of safety features and accommodations such as security systems, handrails, grab bars, and emergency call systems. Pay attention to the cleanliness and environment, how it is decorated, the friendliness and promptness of staff and personnel, and, lastly, determine if it feels like home. 

Once in-person visits have been conducted, make a final visit to review any notes, questions, concerns, and observations. This step will help you eliminate options from the list. It is a good idea to make visits at different times, too. Consider how the community interacts and engages in the evenings, on weekends, and any time in which senior management is not on site. This is especially important if your loved one is disabled or in need of a memory care community. Taking note of how staff members treat residents that are in need of the most help says a lot about personal character and the overall community.

The final step in the process is to consult with an attorney. Seeking professional advice is always beneficial in that it helps to guarantee no mistakes are made in the choosing of a senior living community. This is an important step as mistakes can be financially and emotionally expensive. The contracts can often be long, complicated, and somewhat overwhelming, so you can take the time to understand the ins and outs and let a trustworthy and credible attorney handle the legal hassle.

The Differences Between Assisted Living and Memory Care

With all of these tips in mind, it is more than possible to find your loved one’s perfect new home. With this being said, it is important to make an honest and informed decision regarding what type of care your loved one is in need of. For example, there are major differences between assisted living vs memory care

Assisted living often provides a resting place for retirees, seniors that are in need of supervision or help performing everyday activities, and those that desire socialization. Assisted living communities are often a great choice for seniors in retirement as they now have the opportunity to socialize, live without worry of chores and household maintenance, and participate in fun and engaging projects and activities. These communities often provide care to those that are no longer fully independent and aid in activities such as dressing and undressing, bathing, bathroom assistance, wheelchair transfers, medication remembrance and supervision, household chores for the internal suite or apartment, and meal assistance (such as cutting up food, ensuring that dietary needs are met, etc.).

On the other hand, memory care communities offer slightly different accommodations for specialized needs. Memory care residents typically suffer from dementia of some type, and this often causes them to behave differently and forget how to properly care for themselves. Memory care staff takes on a very vital role in these residents’ lives as they help them to perform nearly every daily activity. These communities specialize in this type of care, so they are capable of handling emotional outbursts and confusion from demented residents as well as reminding them and assisting them in the process of getting in and out of bed, attending activities, visiting loved ones, eating meals, taking medication, and bathing. Memory care communities often offer more child-like activities and provide brain stimulation by playing music or educational videos to keep residents mentally active and aware of their surroundings. Communities like these often do their best to stimulate the minds of memory care residents to ensure that they are not in a constant state of confusion and that they are receiving adequate care.

Ready to Start Your Search?

With a better understanding of senior living communities and how to find the perfect one, it is time to begin your search. After conquering tasks like determining needs and desires, deciding on a final location, observing staff and the community, and forming a budget, the rest is a matter of “does this community feel like home?” Follow these steps to ensure that your loved one is receiving the best possible care and that they are comfortable in the environment.

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