Many seniors experience hearing loss between the ages of 60 to 70. When someone is encountering hearing loss, the time spent in assisted living will not be as interactive as it could be for seniors. Thankfully, there are solutions to the problem. With the Eversound Hearing System, residents are hearing better than ever, even if they do not suffer from hearing loss. This system integrates perfectly with hearing aids, allowing all residents to hear with greater clarity. 

What Should Seniors and Their Loved Ones Know About the Eversound Hearing System Experience?

We are proud to introduce our assisted living residents to the Eversound Hearing System. This listening system offers headphones to each resident and can operate up to 120 headphones simultaneously. The headphones will continue to pick up transmissions when the resident is 300 feet away from the transmitter. 

This hearing system works with a transmitter and microphone system. The amplified sound helps seniors hear more clearly even if they do not wear a hearing aid. The controls on the headset are easy to operate, and each pair is adjustable for a concise fit. Residents love wearing these headphones because they are so comfortable. 

How Can Seniors Use the Eversound Hearing System?

The Eversound Hearing System is used in a variety of ways at the assisted living community in Tomball, TX. We use this system in the following ways for our residents. 

  • The hearing system allows residents to better understand what’s said on the television and enjoy movie night with other residents. 
  • Residents can hear crucial instructions from staff members, helping to keep them safe. 
  • Our residents find they are able to better communicate with their fellow residents and staff members, making daily life more enjoyable. 
  • This listening system is ideal for game time with senior community living. Bingo night just became more effective and fun for everyone. 
  • Residents can use these listening devices for one-on-one communication with other residents and family members. 

Hearing Loss Negatively Impacts Seniors in Many Ways

Hearing loss can have many negative impacts on seniors. Loved ones and caregivers need to be aware of the negative impacts so they will be encouraged to help seniors hear more effectively. The following are some of the ways hearing loss impacts seniors. 

  • Seniors with hearing loss are at a greater risk of developing dementia. 
  • Those who have hearing loss often experience increased depression and anxiety. 
  • Hearing loss prevents seniors from engaging with other residents. 
  • Hearing loss can also be dangerous because seniors may miss important instructions from staff members or be unable to hear fire alarms. 
  • Cognitive declines also occur when seniors cannot hear normally. The brain will not function as well because of hearing loss. 

A new study found that people with hearing loss who wear a hearing device score 3% better on their cognitive tests. Additionally, the use of hearing aids was found to reduce long-term cognitive decline by 19%. With prevention being one of the best ways to manage dementia this is a key finding. 

The Eversound Hearing System offers amazing results that allow seniors to hear clearly and remain engaged and active with other residents and staff members. The difference this system makes in the lives of seniors is profound. 

Encourage Seniors to Embrace New Technology Like the Eversound Hearing System

Our goal is to help senior residents enjoy life to the fullest. Seniors cannot live life to the fullest when they cannot hear effectively. With the Eversound Hearing System, they begin to thrive. They will be able to hear more effectively and enjoy interactions more fully. 

We ask family and friends to encourage senior residents to get involved with the Eversound Hearing System. The headphones are easy to wear and comfortable. They are so comfortable that most people forget they are wearing them. 

With the amplified sound, seniors will find they no longer have to feel sidelined. Whether meeting face to face or virtually, seniors will be able to better enjoy communicating with those they love. 

Sometimes, seniors feel a little uneasy when it comes to embracing new technology. They may mistakenly believe the controls will be too difficult or that they might break the headphones. It is important seniors understand these headsets are made with seniors in mind. The controls are simple to operate, and the headsets are fully adjustable to get a customized fit. Best of all, it is the responsibility of the community to keep track of the headsets and maintain them, so seniors and their families will not have to worry about those issues. 

Everyone should be able to hear freely, no matter their age. With the Eversound Hearing System, seniors will enjoy hearing like never before.  

Here at Harvest Home & Inwood Crossing, we provide the gold standard of living for our residents and treat them like family. Seniors who have dementia can rest assured they will receive the care they need here.