Are you a resident of Harvest Home Assisted Living & Inwood Crossing Memory Care or a family member of one?
We’d love to hear your thoughts about our communities!

We LOVE this place. The people are so great with my mother. She loves it here and is super happy. She needed someone to take the initiative and encourage her to do things, they have done just that and she is thriving here. I find the staff incredibly easy to work with and very caring for my mom. They have also been extremely accommodating. I cannot recommend Harvest Home enough, I absolutely love this facility.

Compared to other places we could have him, I couldn’t be happier with this community. He seems to eat well there, I’m not displeased with the dining options at all.  I think overall the care is very good and the nursing is very good.  We couldn’t be more pleased with how responsive they are to him.  They have a chocolate brown goat that lives there named Mr. Hicks.  Those old men sit in the atrium area and watch Mr. Hicks and they just love him.  My dad is as happy as he can be.  He is clean, clothed and happy so I’m good.
Vickie A (Daughter)

I’m so happy to still be alive and able to be having fun with everyone, you guys really keep me going which I like, and the staff here are so kind and helpful.

I’m so blessed and grateful to be here because there is a lot of fun things to do, good friend to do them with and staff that are like friends that really cares for me. Yeah, my life is good here.


It’s great to see mom out having fun and doing activities with the group, I think it’s the most friend she’s had in a long time. I’m glad that she’s here at Inwood Crossing where she can continue enjoying the life that she has.


It’s one of the best places we’ve seen. The transportation services have been great and the healthcare staff is very good. I know the cook is an awesome guy and he tries really hard to accommodate the people that live there, I really appreciate all of his efforts. So far the management change has been very positive, they’ve upgraded the TV, they’re doing some interior updating so overall it’s very positive.


The community was just a better fit for my mom, it was very reasonable compared to some of the placed we checked where you got less, the room is very nice. Everything we ask management, they have no problem and the dining is very good and prompt. The community is always clean and the healthcare staff is very helpful and caring, better than the place we were in before, they seem to actually care about the people there. The staff really cares about the people there and try to help them, it’s a nice clean place and it’s roomy.


We looked at several different places and by far we thought Inwood Crossing Harvest Home was the best fit for mom. We focused on the interaction between the residents and the staff and that was a big selling point for us because we felt like the staff had a genuine concern for the residents. When we walked into some of the other places we just saw residents sitting there, almost just parked in their wheelchairs. Our experience has been incredible, all of our interactions have been positive , everybody has been supportive and we get feedback from the staff. The dining is way better than we expected, my mom loves the food. I’ve seen the food that’s served, the variety is good and the comfort is good. I try to go every day and there’s almost always activities going on, they do singing, they get together and just talk, most of the residents participate in that. The physical maintenance of the facility seems to be done really well and it doesn’t smell when you go in there and it did in some other places we went to. The med techs have been incredible; they’ve just been right on it and very quickly got everything started. They just said they would take care of things and they did, it’s been incredible, we’ve been really, really impressed.

Charles G

As in most things, attitude, energy, and empathy are needed to succeed.  Harvest Home’s staff is made up of people with all three qualities. My 97 year old mom has lived at Harvest Home for 8 months.  She lived at another facility for several years before.  The quality of Mom’s life is so much better because each individual who works at Harvest Home is invested in loving on the residents and providing a gracious dignified, comfortable stay.  The activities are creative and fun, the med techs are careful and serious, and house keeping is well trained and goes the extra mile. The cost was a big savings over her previous facility as well as many free amenities such as laundry.

Lucy Harvell

My stepfather moved into Harvest Home and Inwood Crossing. So far it’s good, and he’s been there a few days. It’s just a single room and the staff seemed nice. I have no complaints so far. They were friendly. They seem to have physical therapy as needed, and they have outside areas. The value is good and the location is as well.


Since dad has been at Inwood, he seems to be much more relaxed, he’s out and about engaging with the other residents and staff so much more since he’s been here. It really is so nice to see that familiar twinkle back in his eyes.


I’m just so grateful for the care staff who really care, so that’s wonderful. They are so much better than it used to be. The new management is fabulous. The residents are treated with respect, even in the dining experience, and the dining staff is incredible. The building is just beautiful, it’s nice and so well kept, I was very impressed. The healthcare staff have just been lovely people, it seems like the new people have gone out of their way.


My mom is in memory care and they are doing a great job. My mom hasn’t complained and every time we have been there we can tell that she is being taken care of. The staff is very kind to her. Her room always smells clean. It looks like a home. That is what drew me to the facility. It has a fire place and a gathering area around the fireplace.


They are all very friendly from the director down. They are all there for the residents. The chef on the first day we were there came to meet our loved one. He found out he is vegetarian and has been preparing his meals separate from the others. We like the activities in particularly the musical ones. Housekeeping does very well. The maintenance staff was very prompt and professional in handling our requests. The care staff is fantastic. They take care of his needs very well.

Stephanie L

The staff is truly passionate about quality care for the residents. Warm, homey feeling as soon as you walk in!

Krystin Hensley

Harvest Home and Inwood Crossing is a great place to be. The residents are great and the staff are very attentive.

Belinda E.

The new team is amazing at both Harvest and Inwood!! A lot of great activities and a new program for the transition from assisted to memory but still very high functioning! It’s wonderful and very happy people!!

Ashley Mosher