As people age, things that used to be easy often become more challenging. Many people begin to experience difficulty with the activities of daily living, and maintaining total independence at home may no longer be possible. When that’s the case, aging Texans have two choices. They can age in place or move to assisted living communities.

There is no one right solution for everyone. Each person’s priorities and needs are a little different. Before making decisions that will have a dramatic impact on daily life, read on to find out about both home care and assisted living In Tomball, TX to see which one feels like a better fit.

What Is Assisted Living?

Assisted living communities provide more than just senior housing. Residents will also have access to the help they need to maintain independence and complete the activities of daily living. Unlike more advanced forms of long-term care homes, assisted living communities are for active seniors that do not require daily nursing care.

What Is Home Care?

Home care services provide companionship and daily assistance to people aging in place at home. The service sends out trained aides on an as-needed basis to help seniors with accomplishing basic tasks. As with assisted living communities, home care services do not provide nursing care.

The Pros and Cons of Home Care vs. Assisted Living

The best way to evaluate options is through direct comparison. Take the time to evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of each living situation described below.

Benefits of Assisted Living

Assisted living communities can come to feel like home. Once they’ve moved in and gotten used to the new surroundings, most residents are happy with the choice they’ve made. They often cite benefits such as:

  • Affordability for people who need round-the-clock care
  • The lower burden on family members
  • The flexibility of care levels
  • Ample opportunities to socialize
  • Easy access to additional services
  • Drawbacks of Assisted Living

The primary drawback of assisted living is that it can be more expensive than an ordinary apartment for seniors who don’t need much help at home. The quality of care also varies significantly between communities, which makes it essential to choose the right one.

Benefits of Home Care

The majority of American seniors say they would prefer to age in place, and that requires home care services. The benefits of this approach include:

  • Consistent access to one-on-one care
  • No need to move to a new home
  • Affordability when minimal care is needed

Drawbacks of Home Care

The drawbacks of home care include increasing costs as a senior’s needs become more complex, extra planning on behalf of family members, the need to modify the home for better accessibility, and increased isolation. Plus, since home care services only offer limited help, family members often need to step in to help with things like housekeeping home maintenance, and grocery shopping.

How to Choose the Right Option

Just knowing what home care and assisted living have to offer isn’t enough to make an informed decision. Seniors deciding where they want to live out their retirement years and loved ones assisting with the move can follow the steps below to get a better idea of which option will be a better fit.

Step One: Determine Needs and Current Levels of Available Help

The first step is to determine what needs an elderly person has that must be met to ensure safety and comfort. It’s only after those needs have been determined that it will be possible to decide whether home care or an assisted living community is a better fit, so start by making a list of everything the person needs help with daily, weekly, or monthly.

Step Two: Consider the Pros and Cons

Both home care services and assisted living communities have their own sets of advantages, which is why there’s no one right solution that will apply to everyone. Instead, people will have to evaluate the pros and cons for themselves.

Step Three: Schedule Tours

There’s no way to make an informed decision about which senior living arrangement will be the best fit without scheduling a tour of at least one local assisted living community. It’s often the case that seniors who are adamant about aging in place change their minds after seeing what they’re missing.

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