Seniors face many obstacles in life that can bring down their spirits and cause them to feel less important. When seniors face struggles, they often internalize their fears. Encouraging seniors takes a concerted effort but can do wonders for their confidence. Learning how to motivate a senior can become life-changing, especially for those residing in assisted living with memory care.

Five Simple Ways to Encourage Seniors

Seniors need encouragement in different ways. Caring for a senior and developing a successful relationship requires individuals to learn skills and strategies. The following offers information on five simple ways a family member, friend, or loved one can encourage seniors. 

1. Encourage Adopting Manageable Goals

Seniors need to have goals in place so they can have something to work toward. A senior needs to set primary and secondary goals. A primary goal is one that meets the basic needs of the individual. Secondary goals involve things like socialization and hobbies. 

At assisted living with memory care communities, seniors receive integral help in goal-setting. With goals in place, seniors will feel less useless and more accomplished in their day-to-day lives. 

2. Encourage Seniors to Discover and Protect Their Self-Identity

Encouraging seniors to explore and affirm their self-identities is essential. Encourage a senior to share their life story. By nurturing a senior to share their lives, their self-identity is affirmed. Reaffirming a senior’s life experiences and accomplishments gives them a sense of purpose and encourages them to reflect on the good in their lives, both past and present. 

Surround a senior with photographs, stories, and words that help them remember and honor their life accomplishments. Positive memories, postcards, greeting cards, posters, music, and movies offer joy to seniors and help them feel less despair as they age. 

3. Encourage Seniors to Embrace Technology

Many seniors do not feel confident using new technology. Social networking is an excellent way for seniors to connect with old friends and make new ones. Social media is also a convenient tool for loved ones and friends to check on a senior. 

Social media interactions should never replace face-to-face communication. Teaching seniors how to use devices like smartphones and tablets and connect with social media apps will help enrich their lives and make them less lonely. 

4. Encourage Seniors to Feel Useful

Older adults often develop feelings of uselessness because they no longer work or take care of their children. Often, feelings of worthlessness arise because a senior’s functions become limited. 

Encouraging a senior to feel valuable means asking their opinion, seeking advice, and talking with them about important decisions. By asking for assistance from them, a senior will feel needed because they share their knowledge. Visiting a memory care community often is essential for seniors. 

5. Encourage Seniors to Develop Coping Skills

Coping with changes in life is critical for seniors. Seniors need to remain flexible and ensure they are prepared to ease into new changes. As seniors face decreased cognitive and physical function, they need to learn coping skills to help them adapt. 

Teaching seniors to break up tasks, take breaks, and take baby steps will help them transition to their new life with dignity. Helping a senior learn to cope with reduced abilities will help them prepare for the years to come and allow them to embrace life. 

Words of Encouragement For Seniors

When visiting an assisted living community in Tomball, TX, it is clear seniors love engagement with others. Seniors, just like others, need encouragement to keep a smile on their faces and a song in their hearts. The following are some encouraging phrases, family, friends, and loved ones can use to help encourage seniors. 

  • How are you doing? This simple question shows seniors that someone cares about them.
  • You are never too old to do something new. Keep seniors encouraged to remain in control of their destinies. 
  • Just because you have to grow old does not mean you have to grow up. Allow seniors to keep a childlike joy in life.

Listen More Than Talking

When it comes to helping seniors stay encouraged, listening is essential. Often, seniors have a lot to say but no one to listen to them talking. It is important to remain patient when talking with seniors. Give them time to share their thoughts without interrupting, even if they tend to ramble or lose track. By listening, individuals can learn a lot about a senior and help keep them encouraged. 

At Harvest Home & Inwood Crossing, we provide residents with a gold standard of senior care. We deliver a lifestyle that allows seniors to explore their passions in life and live them to the fullest.