There are several reasons why an aging parent might need more assistance than their family can manage on their own. Many seniors retire and spend many years living on their own, but conditions such as dementia can prevent them from taking care of themselves and continuing to live in the family home. Here are some helpful tips for encouraging seniors to start this transition and get the most out of a senior community.  

Let Them Dine in the Community 

If a senior loved one is still on the fence about which community is right for them, a great way to try out the community is to set up dinner with the current residents. During a private tour, visitors can dine with the seniors to give prospective residents a chance to see what life in the community is like.

Meal preparation services take the stress of cooking every day or night off the senior’s shoulders, and they can just relax. The staff manages the dishes and offers housekeeping services for the seniors so they don’t have to do anything but enjoy life. An assisted living community offers several services for residents, including delicious meals for everyone. 

Review Any Clubs or Organizations Sponsored by the Community

Community information helps families determine if there are clubs or organizations for seniors within the communities. These opportunities give the seniors a chance to participate in hobbies or learn new things, and the residents can see what they can expect. 

Introduce the Senior to Essential Staff

Seniors with dementia will need memory care services and essential staff members in the community host these services. An elderly loved one who is trying to find the best community should meet these essential workers and sit down and talk to them. How comfortable the senior is with these staff members determines if the community is the best choice, and if they find friendly staff to help them through major transitions, the seniors are happier and feel welcome in the new environment. 

Set Up Private Spaces for Seniors 

In assisted living in Tomball, TX, residents have a chance to enjoy private living areas where they can have alone time and relax. The residents set up their living space however they want and display family photos and items that make them feel happier in the new space. Seniors who have memory issues need familiarity, and if they can set up their rooms to look somewhat like their family home, it is helpful for them. Familiar items like keepsakes, photos, or even personal belongings can improve their memory and quality of life. 

Snacks and Beverages in Their Living Space

A major concern that aging parents have is losing all their freedoms and not being in control of their own lives. One of the many things that concern them is whether they face meal restrictions and cannot make their own choices about what they eat. Many senior communities set up options for residents to have snacks and beverages they love in their living spaces, and the residents have immediate access to these snacks and drinks whenever they want them.  

Take a Complete Tour of the Entire Community 

Families ease the transition for their elderly loved ones by setting up tours of communities in their area. If an aging parent can walk through the community, they can see what life will be like if they live there. Everyone has their own lifestyle preferences, and it is important to choose a community based on the parent’s preferences.

If they are forced into a community that doesn’t allow their lifestyle, it could diminish their quality of life and make them withdrawn. Administrators can explain what options are available to residents, and families can make choices together about where their elderly loved ones will live.  

Visit With Possible Neighbors

During tours of senior communities, seniors and their families can meet some of the residents in the community. If the community has a living space available for the senior, the family can see where this room is, and the senior learns about who lives nearby. Neighbors could become close friends who encourage these prospective residents and motivate them to live healthier lifestyles and create new memories with new neighbors.  

Amazing Homes for Seniors

At Harvest Home and Inwood Crossing, we offer compassionate care for all residents and help them transition to assisted living. Our staff offers help with ADLs and memory care to give all residents everything they need in one community. Families can find out more about our community by scheduling a private tour.